Recent publications by members of Rucs

Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Although my research on social networks is only now being submitted for publication, several previous pieces of research give a flavour of the kind of models or approaches it would be appropriate to apply to issues in understanding Civil Society in that they deal with groups and organisations of various kinds:
  • Chattoe, Edmund (2006) 'Using Simulation to Develop and Test Functionalist Explanations: A Case Study of Dynamic Church Membership', British Journal of Sociology, 57(3), September, pp. 379-397.
  • Chattoe, Edmund and Hamill, Heather (2005) 'It's Not Who You Know - It's What You Know About People You Don't Know That Counts: Extending the Analysis of Crime Groups as Social Networks', British Journal of Criminology, 45(6), November, pp. 860-876.
  • Chattoe, Edmund (2000) 'Charity Shops as Second-Hand Markets', International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, Special Issue on Charity Trading, 5(2), June, pp. 153-160.
  • Gilbert, Nigel and Chattoe, Edmund (2002) 'Hunting the Unicorn: An Exploration of the Simulation of Small Group Leadership', in Saam, Nicole J. and Schmidt, Bernd (eds.) Cooperative Agents: Applications in the Social Sciences, Theory and Decision Library A: Volume 32 (Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers), pp. 109-124.
  • Chattoe-Brown, Edmund (2010) 'Building Simulations Systematically from Published Research: A Sociological Case Study'. [Draft paper on my web page using Rotating Savings and Credit Associations as an example.]

Carlo Ruzza

  • Ruzza, C. (2007) Europe and Civil Society: Movement Coalitions and European Institutions, Manchester University Press
  • Conflict Citizenship and Civil Society, (with P. Baert, S. Koniordos,  G. Procacci& C. Ruzza) London, Routledge 2010.
  • Governance and Civil Society: normative dimensions, (With V.Della Sala,), Manchester University Press, 2007
  • Governance and Civil Society: policy perspectives, (With V. Della Sala,),Manchester University Press, 2007 
  • Ruzza, C. (2010). "Italy: the Political Right and concepts of civil society." Journal of Political Ideologies 15(3): p. 259-271