Carlo Ruzza

Research Interests

I am interested in changes in modes of political participation and in the related theoretical aspects. My research focuses particularly on the interaction between civil society organizations, social movement organizations and decision-making, particularly at EU level, and on the related implications for democracy.

A second area of research is on ethno-nationalism and populism. For instance I am working on ‘uncivil society’ organizations – such as xenophobic groups and networks.

In general, I am interested in the process of institutionalisation of new social movements – particularly environmental, anti-racist and regionalist movements, and I am studying their impact on the policy process, both in a comparative perspective (mainly in relation to southern Europe) and with reference to processes of Europeanization and governance.

Current Grants

Italian Research Council - Programme PRIN (Project of Relevant National Interest) (2018-2020). The Transformations of Democracy: Actors, Strategies and Outcomes in Opposing Populism in Political, Juridical and Social Arenas (Le Trasformazioni della Democrazia: Attori, Strategie ed Esiti dell'Opposizione al Populismo nelle Arene Politiche, Giuridiche e Sociali). 

To reach me by e-mail please write to carlo.ruzza at my University of Trento address (